I’ve always been a maker of things. From the time I was 3 my mom had me painting found rocks and pine birdhouses on our screened porch in the summer time. It was pretty natural for me to gravitate to the arts, earning my degree at Savannah College of Art and Design. I took classes from a lot of majors architecture, furniture design, etc; quickly expanding my fabrication skills and learning how to make even more things. After college I headed West, where I was the production manager and artisan at a glass and metal studio in Seattle making  beautiful cabinetry hardware from recycled material. At the same time my love affair with photography, graphic design and interiors began. I have never lived anywhere with better MCM thrifting than the Pacific Northwest.

After 5 years it was time to come home to the East Coast. I began working as a photo stylist, interior designer, magazine crafter, event designer and visual merchandiser. In 2014 I was in Maine for 3 months styling for LL Bean and I started finding wonderful items at the antiques stores in the area. I knew I couldn’t take them all home to my small apartment in Brooklyn, but I certainly couldn’t leave them behind! They had to be mine. That's when I added my store Found by a Prop Stylist to my list of endeavors and have been selling vintage ever since. I love Scandinavian design and mid century modern, but I also have a strong affinity for true antiques.

The part of my ecclectic career I love so much is that I get to wear many hats and meet lots of new people. Maker, designer, producer, merchandiser, photographer the list goes on and on. If you need a person who can get things done, please get in touch!